About Us

About Us

Universal Spa and Salon Suites was created to provide beauty professionals with a way to have a phyisical location in the mall without the overhead and long term commitment.

We provide luxurious, modern and fully equipped suites and we help promote our clients services to mall patrons, online and in any way we can.

Universal Spa is by far the best place in the east valley to lease salon suite.


We’ll Keep You Healthy With

Range of Care

Our salon is unique among other Orlando’s SPAs, all thanks to an insurmountable variety of skin care and relaxation choices that we have…


First and foremost, we’re a relaxation getaway… With the help of our nurturing health enhancing services you’ll be feeling yourself just like in heaven!

Affordable Pricing

As opposed to other Orlando’s or Florida’s SPAs, we do not target people’s wallets eagerly… Our prices’ affordability goes intact with our services’ quality!